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[various shorts]

From a three-sentence meme on tumblr:

AC, Altair/Malik, TF2-verse

Altair speaks and after a moment there comes the sound of the entire team taking a collective step back, out of Malik’s line of fire.

Cheeks stinging as though he’s been slapped, Malik says, “What did you say?”

“You were never good enough to surpass me,” says Altair calmly, “but I never thought you’d intentionally lower yourself to taking a commission as medic—though to be honest you seem better suited for that joke of a class than you ever were to being a spy.”

(-->continued here)

Band of Brothers, Doc Roe. “Smile.”

The world is going to end in ice, and that might seem an odd thing for a boy from Louisiana to think but one of the only times he’s doubted it is when Renee smiles. Her face is weary, pained, with the hint of something bitter-sweet as chocolate in it. That isn’t the last moment he sees her alive, though close to it, but for the first time in a long while he feels the warmth of hope.

TF2, Spy/Spy, “t-shirt”

A couple fans folded from old magazines can’t stifle the heat in the laundromat. With breezy cotton t-shirt, shades over his mask, and a tropical drink in hand topped with a tiny umbrella sequestered from somewhere, Red is weathering the heat of laundry day relatively well.

Blue, sweating like a pig in his last clean suit, can only glare miserably at him and mutter, “At least I don’t look ridiculous.”

TF2, Heavy/Medic, “fernweh”

The desire to be elsewhere, to never be heard from again and keep it that way, never really leaves Medic even in the midst of a well-paid commission. When Heavy concedes to a lack of interest in travel, he sees Medic’s expression and adds, “I would not mind travel with you. We go together, Doctor, someday!”

But, well, if it means having a traveling companion for once, Medic thinks he might be okay with waiting.