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[TF2/Avatar Last Airbender&Korra] Untitled

Fandom: Team Fortress 2/Avatarverse crossover
Rating: PG13ish
Characters: Earthbender!Heavy, waterbender!Medic
Summary: Heavy is excited about the team's new waterbender. 
Because what if you gave the mercenaries mystical element powers. What if.

Most of the time Heavy thinks waterbenders are pushovers. The ones he’s worked with in the past were too obliging or too crafty, in Heavy’s opinion not fit for the uncompromising demands of front line work.

The new Medic is not this way. They have only time to take one another in before stepping into battle together, but that is enough. Medic’s eyes are expectedly blue but without a hint of streams or ponds to them, instead full of the cool glint of frost and icicle needles, glaciers that can carve paths through continents. Heavy is more than happy to see that.

Heavy is excited.

But the impression that matters most is the one made in battle. The first barrage of knife-sharp hail that rains down upon Heavy hushes into mist before striking, becoming the final reserves Medic needs before their first assault. Then the cool, tingly glow of water surrounds Heavy, continually healing and protecting from the elements. Medic is attentive; the water moves like a living thing around them, stopping metal and earth projectiles alike, freezing against assaults from the odd offensively inclined-airbender, circulating to replace water lost as steam from fire blasts.

Heavy moves forward, aiming a thick missile of rock at their row of attackers without worry of retaliation. That is the last time any opposing waterbender is stupid and conscious enough to try a direct attack. They work well together if the strained and desperate faces of the enemy are anything to go by, though Medic must eventually drop the shield of water.

It is a good thing Heavy has the image fresh in his mind, for it is a simple thing to bend the slab of rock the enemy earthbender immediately lobs at them. Instead of the devastating impact, a fine dusting of sand blows against their shoulders.

The move is not one Heavy would usually use, a little flashy, but it has become obvious that the enemy will fall. Now Heavy and Medic are just showing off for each other.

Medic claims their final foe, ejecting the last reserves from his medigun in a solid cylinder of ice—with a force that it knocks the target back several feet and halfway through a tree trunk. Heavy recognizes the icy version of his own move from earlier in the battle. Probably not a move Medic usually uses, either. Heavy nods his approval.

“Doctor is stubborn,” he says. He makes a show of shrugging, like it is not something he noticed one way or the other despite both of them showing off. “For waterbender.”

The rest of the team joins them in ones and twos, converging from other points on the field. Medic raises his eyebrows and carefully cracks his back before starting to gather water back into the medigun. “And you seem refreshingly… resourceful,” he says, similarly aloof. “For an earthbender.”

But Heavy is already grinning. They catch each other’s eye and laugh, like old friends.