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[ac fic] And Carry On

Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Rating: PG
Characters: Lucy, Rebecca, Shaun, Desmond
Summary: V requested morning routines! The ways they get by.

Lucy wouldn’t go to bed at all given a choice, so it isn’t so much a matter of rising early as being reminded around one or three in the morning by Rebecca’s gentle hand on her shoulder that she needs to rest.

And Rebecca doesn’t mind. She tags Lucy out and gets first shot at the bathroom (and a full hot shower is nothing to sneer at). After that it’s even better, with three or four quiet hours all to herself and Baby, polishing up the new software patch as the first birds outside the high windows begin singing and the temperature in the room briefly dips just before sunrise. She moves the radio monitor to her desk from Lucy’s—it’s only been off once, a week ago when Rebecca changed the batteries. Abstergo never sleeps, either.

Shaun is usually the second out of bed in the morning. The only way to earn bathroom time sans overwhelming female presence is to beat Rebecca to the bathroom, and the only way to accomplish that is by not going to bed at all. But he tells himself it’s for the coffee. Being the first to the kitchen is the closest thing he has to serenity, his last chance before the ladies can conveniently forget to add that extra scoop of burnt-to-fuck grade roast to the coffee pot. Strong coffee is a small, accomplishable goal. If he can handle coffee he can handle the emails of horrific news, impossibly tangled research, the ominous Abstergo radio chatter.

Lucy comes down after a few hours to begin again, looking fresher but still tired. She might meditate in front of her computer for a minute but usually will simply lunge back into her work, and Shaun and Rebecca will bring her coffee or toast out of a helpless desire to ease the strain of being Lucy. They don’t have the luxury of quiet mornings full of private introspection—comparing notes begins as soon as Shaun has half a cup’s worth of caffeine inside him and Rebecca has the dozen or so new proxies online, and by the time Lucy joins them the day is already well underway.

When they could be only hours ahead of Abstergo, every moment counts. But they allow Desmond as much sleep as they can. It would be far more dangerous to deprive him of rest.

Everyone’s luck may run out before the next sunrise. Every day may only be one more futile stab against the inevitable. But you never know, Shaun says one morning, voice croaky, clearly still half-asleep as he sits at Rebecca’s desk waiting for the coffee to brew. Only way to find out is to keep fighting.

Sometimes the bravest moment of their day is simply getting out of bed.

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