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my fanfic and other weirdness journal.

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accordions, all these damn epicycles, alternate history, assassin's creed, astronomy, astrophysics, brigadoon without the music, cattle punk, crack fic, cracking lame jokes, cryptozoology, curry, discworld, dry humor, feet, fingers, frog pantaloons of science, galileo and his bastards, getting lost on tvtropes, good omens, history of science, incurable procrastination, inherent classical music kink, it could be worse, it's not a metaphor, jazz, kuroshitsuji, libraries, literature, megane, memes, metameta, microbiology, moist/william dammit, molecular biosciences, multishipping, mythology, obsessive research, organ repairman =/= surgeon, perverts with telescopes, photography, pipe organs, pit orchestra, power kink, qi, rain puddles, reed wank, russia, sarcasm, satisfied customers, so yeah, steampunk, terry pratchett, tf2, the mighty boosh, the venture bros., theology, too lazy to torture, toys, tycho's badass nose, unfunny, vassalord, why is this difficult

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