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2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 2
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[ 2 0 1 2 ]

Childhood Meme (G, Mighty Turtleduck OC) Tuo can't sleep.
Cast Away! (G, Mighty Turtleduck OCs) Turtleducks partake in a Water Tribe tradition.


Not-Date (PG, Altair/Malik) Malik has a nice day. It's completely Altair's fault.
The Continuing Adventures of Swordpot
 (PG, Malik, ocs) Bureau shenanigans surrounding the mysterious swordpot.
Waterpark AU (PG, Altair/Malik) They wear bathing suits and awful hawaiian florals. That's about it!
Big Happy Family (G, basically everyone) Modern AU. The assassins are one big squashy siblingy mess. 
Buckle Up (PG-13, Maria/Altair(/Malik)) Collar kink, semi Elementary crossover. Maria helps Altair settle down.
Remote Access (R, Altair/Malik) They wear vibrators and give each other the remotes.
α Aql
(PG, Altair/Malik) Cuddles and writing on skin
Sharp Fragments of Happiness (PG, Malik, Altair/Maria) Malik is conflicted the first time he sees Darim.
And Carry On (PG, modern assassins) Morning routines
Home Is Where the Fight Is (PG-13, Desmond, ensemble) Vaguely biker-80's AU sort of
Wholesome (NC-17, Altair/Malik) Gloryhole kink, modern hooker!AU
Headband (G, Yusuf) [TF2] Demoman Yusuf can't find his headband. What do?
Untitled (PG-13, Altair/Malik) [Portal] Altair and Malik fail at science.
Untitled (PG-13, Altair/Malik) [Half-life] Altair and Malik fail at aliens.
Initial synergy (PG-13) [TF2] The team is scheduled to get a new spy
Life & Limb (PG, Malik, Ezio) [TF2] From across the battlefield Altair manages to be a pain in medic!Malik's rear.
Defect (PG-13, Robert de Sable & Maria Thorpe) [TF2] Maria transfers the hell out of Team Templar
Untitled [1] [2] (PG, R, Altair/Malik) [TF2] Altair talks smack
With Bells On (NC-17, Altair/Malik) Prostitute AU, 12th century. 

Indulgence (G, Bruce & Tony) Tony gets Bruce donuts for breakfast. 

Brovalent Bonding (PG-13, Medic & Engineer) Science broship over disembodied spy heads.
Mother Dearest
 (PG-13, Scout and Scout's Mom) bitty!Scout gets called in to the school principal.
Robot Love (PG, GLaDOS/robo!Sniper) [Portal/Real Life OTP] Robot-Robot affections.
 (G, Scout, Sniper) Scout is the umpire of breakfast.
Peace (G, Pyro, Scout) [atla/lok] Airbender!Scout meditates, is joined by Pyro.
 (PG, Pyro, Scout) [atla/lok] Team gets a firebender.
long as there's two people left on the planet (PG, Sniper/Sniper) More cuddles and early morning melancholy.
Scope 'n' Cope
(PG-13, Sniper/Sniper) Awkard cuddling
Untitled (PG-13, Heavy, Medic) [Avatar:tLA/LoK]. Hannah's Avatar Fortress AU. Earthbender!Heavy, waterbender!Medic
Caught [part1] [part2(R, Spy/Sniper) B!Sniper/B!Spy-as-R!Sniper kink
Stupid Cupid (PG,13, Sniper) Sniper gets a highly experimental valentines sniper set

[ 2 0 1 1 ]


Like Christmas Came Early (As Shaun Nearly Did): (NC-17, Rebecca/Shaun) She finds and mods his vibrator.
Letting It Settle (PG13, Altair/Malik) Malik eats too much of Altair’s cooking. Comfort cuddles.
Wolf In Eagle’s Clothing: (PG-16, Federico/Vieri) Federico mixes business with (psychological warfare) pleasure.
Bleeding Effect: (PG-13, Ezio, Altair/Malik) Ezio experiences an intimate moment of Altair’s life. And then it gets strange.
Not So Funny Now, Is It?: (PG, Altair, Malik) AU. Malik is not amused by Oliver Bowden’s book.
Tutorial: (PG-13, Shaun, Rebecca) When Shaun got in deep with Abstergo and Rebecca saved his ass.
Sneezes and Other Physiological Responses: (NC-17, Shaun/Desmond) Pollen-induced sex.
Brotherly Love: (PG-16, Federico/Malik) Modern AU, rarepairs. Being an older brother is hard.

[ 2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 0 ]


Banya: (PG-13, Russia/America) Russia and America in the banya.
Beyond the Impossible High Score: (PG, Russia/America) America tries to beat Russia at Tetris.
Spank America Decent: (PG-13, FrUK, Poland/Lithuania, Russia/America) Cold War-era clubbin' at Russia’s house. Written with pyrrhiccomedy and wizzard890.
Waltz: (R, Austria/Hungary) Music and love.
Not Exactly Pillow Talk: (NC-17, Spain/Romano) Spanish spoken during sex.
A Love Song for You: (PG-13, Russia/America) Singing competitions. For the prompt cockblocked.
De Servo Arbitrio: (PG-13, Prussia, Poland) Historical. 1525 CE, The Teutonic Order is dissolved and Prussia becomes a fiefdom of Poland.
Abnormal Activity: (PG-13, Russia/America) America scares himself silly from watching a scary movie.
Something New: (PG-13, France/England) HumanAU. Francis paints Arthur’s portrait.
The Flight of the Rice Rocket: (NC-17, G8+2) Ten nations, two hours, one car; international orgy.
To Catch a Country: (PG-13, Latvia/France, Spain, England) [To Catch a Predator] Imperialism!
No Need for Desperation!: (R, “Russia”/“America”) Two nations roleplay as other nations.
The Four Times He’s at Risk: (R, England, colonial!America) England is sorely tempted.
A Little More Spark: (PG-13, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Russia) 1849, historical. Poland helps out with the Hungarian Revolution. Fanart by minuiko!

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